Employee Relations/Talent Management: Are you getting the most from your employees?

- Succession Planning: assist in development, or review gaps and training plans
- Management Training: assist new managers/supervisors or provide a refresher to current managers/supervisors on the basics of human resources management
- Provide performance feedback, coaching, and career development strategies to help individuals maximize their probability of success
- Advise clients on matters of sub-standard performance and discipline
- Identify strategies for application of appropriate corrective action
- Develop and assist in facilitation of joint employer/employee committees
- Investigate and respond to formal and informal complaints or appeals related to alleged human rights, workplace, or employment violations
- Investigate and respond concerns relating to workplace conflict, harassment, and employee discipline
- Develop and implement Attendance programs

- Develop reward & recognition programs (Service Awards, Employee of the Month programs)
- Develop mentorship programs
- Develop procedures for the defensible termination of employees
- Develop appropriate security strategies to protect corporate assets while preserving the dignity of the terminated employee


Compensation: Do you optimize costs and provide value to employees?

- Create and/or Review job descriptions
- Develop and implements effective job evaluation procedures
- Recommend job price and pay ranges based on relevant internal and external factors
- Review Benefit provider and programs (Medical, Dental, Health Spending Accounts) and Pension plans

Our HR Services:

Staffing/Talent Acquisition: Do you have the right people and will they stay?

 - Assist in recruitment practices: posting jobs, pre-screen resumes, interview process, offer letter, reference checks - Formulate recruitment strategies in accordance with legislated and/or voluntary diversity and equity goals
- Assist in forecasting HR supply and demand conditions - 
Develop people plans that support the organizations strategic directions (recruitment, onboarding, succession, training) - Develop orientation and onboarding process
- Develop processes that link career plans and skill sets of employees with the requirements of the organization - Assist in Temporary Foreign Worker process and programs (LMO, work visa, permanent residency)
- Develop and implement procedures for employee departures (terminations, layoff’s)
- Advise clients on alternatives to termination

Health & Safety: Are you getting the most out of your H&S program?

- Review of Health and Safety policies
- Assist in receiving COR Audit
- Assist in implementing mechanisms are in place for responding to crises in the workplace
- Establish investigation process for incidents and accidents in the workplace
- Establish strategies to minimize workers’ compensation costs (including Return to Work agreements)

Professional Practice in Human Resources: Do you know the requirements of HR Programs?

- Translate the organizations business plan into issues, priorities, strategies and objectives
- Develop policies and procedures for ensuring a respectful and inclusive workplace
- Develop policy on workplace environment (health and safety)
- Audit existing HR programs, policies and procedures
- Provide training sessions for Managers and Supervisors on Human Resource policies and processes
- Act as an HR Coach and Mentor for Managers and Supervisors

Labour Relations: Are you getting the most from your Union relationship?

- Prepare the organizations for collective bargaining

- Lead Negotiator for the organizations during collective bargaining
- Provide consultation and risk assessment in arbitration
- Assist in Collective Bargaining Agreement interpretation
- Provide advice on settlement offers and constructs responses to Grievances and settlements
- Develop and assist in facilitation of joint labour/management meetings